Detail overview

DELL OCE14102-U1-D Emulex 10gbbe Sfp Dual Port Low Profile Network Adapter.

Key Features:

Storage, Network And Rdma Traffic Over A Common 10gbe Infrastructure
- Reduce Adapter And Cable Costs.
- One Adapter For Simultaneous Storage And Data Traffic On A Common 10gbe Fabric.

Smb Direct Roce Support.

Sr-iov Support.

Superior Performance And Efficiency:
- Overlay Network Tunneling Offloads (vxlan And Nvgre).
- Iscsi And Fcoe Storage Offloads.
- Tcp/ip Stateless Offloads.

Vmware Vsphere Netqueue Support.

Microsoft Windows Server Vmq And Dynamic Vmq Support.

Support For DELL Nparep (nic Extended Partitioning), Offering Up
To 16 Partitions Per Adapter.

Pcie 3.0 Compliant

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