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DELL HWXGN Lpe35002-m2 Emulex 32gb Dual Port Pcie Gen4 X8 Fiber Channel Host Bus Adapter.

Technical Specification

Physical Dimensions Short, Low Profile Pcie Card, 167.64mm X 68.91mm (6.60” X 2.71”)

Generation : Gen 7 (64/32gfc)

Cable Support : 0.5m To 100m At 64gfc/32gfc On 50/125 Μm Om4 Mmf, 0.5m To 100m At 64gfc/32gfc On 50/125 Μm Om5 Mmf, 0.5m To 70m At 64gfc/32gfc On 50/125 Μm Om3 Mmf, 10 Km At 32gfc/16gfc On 9/125 Μm Singlemode Fiber When Emulex Approved Longwave Transceivers Are Used

Optical Data Rates : 28.05 Gb/s (3200mb/s), 14.025 Gb/s (1600mb/s), 8.5 Gb/s (800mb/s) (auto-detected)

Hardware Environment: Intel X64, Intel X86, And Powerpc

Ports: 2

Optics : Optics Short Wave Lasers With Lc Type Connector Optics

Host Bus Type: Pcie Gen4 X8

I/o Controller: Xe601

Operating Humidity: 5% To 95% Non-condensing

Operating Temperature: 0°c To 55°c

Storage Temperature: -20° To 85°c (-4° To 185°f)

Os Support: Additional Support Is Available From Oems And Partners, Microsoft Windows, Oracle Linux, Oracle Linux With The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (uek), Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse® Linux Enterprise Server, Vmware Vsphere

Condition : Refurbished.
Availability : In Stock.
Warranty : 30 Days