Detail overview

Manufacturer : HP
Manufacturer Part Number : 761871-B21
Product Type : Smart Array Sas Raid Controller

Technical Specifications :

Disk Drive : 12gb/s Sas (serial Attached Scsi)
Support - Transfer Rate : 6gb/s Sata (serial Ata)
Sas Connectors : 2-internal Port Connectors
Cache Memory Speed : Ddr3-mhz With 72-bit Wide Bus Provides Up To 4.2gb/s Maximum Bandwidth
Server Interface : X8 5g Pcie 3.0 Provides 8gb/s Maximum Bandwidth
Sas Speed : X8 12g Sas Provides 9.6gb/s Maximum Bandwidth
Cache Memory : 72-bit 1gb Ecc Protected Cache
Logical Drives Supported : Up To 64 Logical Volumes
Maximum Volume Capacity : 2.4tb (2x 1.2tb Sas/sata 2.5 Mdl Hdd) Internal
Memory Addressing : 64-bit, Supporting Servers Memory Space Greater Than 4 Gb
Raid Support : Raid 1, 10 (drive Mirroring)
raid 0 (striping)

Condition : System Pull.
Availability : In Stock.
Warranty : 30 Days.