Detail overview

DELL - 300gb 15000rpm Sas-3gbps 3.5inch Low Profile(1.0inch) Hard Disk Drive With Tray For Poweredge And Powervault Server

General Information :
Part Number : GP880
Manufacturer : DELL

Key Features :

  • Capacity : 300gb
  • Interface : Sas
  • Spindle Speed: 15000rpm

    Technical Features :
  • Interface (detailed): Sas-3gbps
  • Hot Swap: Yes

    Compatibility :
    Poweredge 2900
    Poweredge 2970
    Poweredge R200
    Poweredge R210
    Poweredge R210 Ii
    Poweredge R300
    Poweredge R310
    Poweredge R320
    Poweredge R410
    Poweredge R415
    Poweredge R420
    Poweredge R510
    Poweredge R515
    Poweredge R520
    Poweredge R710
    Poweredge R720
    Poweredge R720xd
    Poweredge R900
    Poweredge R905
    Poweredge T100
    Poweredge T110
    Poweredge T300
    Poweredge T310
    Poweredge T320
    Poweredge T410
    Poweredge T420
    Poweredge T610
    Poweredge T620
    Poweredge T710
    Powervault Md1000
    Powervault Md3000
    Powervault Md3000i
    Powervault Md3200
    Powervault Md3220i

    Condition : Refurbished
    Availability : In Stock
    Our Warranty : 30 Days