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DELL - 300gb 15000rpm Sas-6gbps 2.5inch Form Factor Hot-plug Hard Disk Drive With Tray For DELL Server

General Information :

  • Manufacturer : DELL
  • DELL Part Number : 400-AHWT
  • Product Type : Hard Drive With Tray

  • Storage Capacity : 300 Gb
  • Interface : Sas-6gbps
  • Drive Dimensions : 2.5 Inch

    Drive Performance:
  • Data Transfer Rate : 600 Mbps
  • Rotational Speed : 15000 Rpm

    Expansion/connectivity :
    Interfaces :1 X Serial Attached Scsi 2
    Compatible Bays:1 X Hot Plug- 2.5inch

    Compatibility :
    Poweredge 2970
    Poweredge C2100
    Poweredge C5220
    Poweredge C6100
    Poweredge C6145
    Poweredge C6220
    Poweredge C8220
    Poweredge C8220x
    Poweredge Fd332
    Poweredge M520
    Poweredge M600
    Poweredge M605
    Poweredge M610
    Poweredge M610x
    Poweredge M620
    Poweredge M710
    Poweredge M710hd
    Poweredge M820
    Poweredge M910
    Poweredge M915
    Poweredge R320
    Poweredge R420
    Poweredge R520
    Poweredge R610
    Poweredge R620
    Poweredge R710
    Poweredge R715
    Poweredge R720
    Poweredge R810
    Poweredge R815
    Poweredge R820
    Poweredge R905
    Poweredge R910
    Poweredge T320
    Poweredge T420
    Poweredge T610
    Poweredge T710
    Poweredge Vrtx
    Powervault Md1120
    Precision Workstation T3600
    Precision Workstation T3610
    Precision Workstation T5600
    Precision Workstation T5610
    Precision Workstation T7600
    Precision Workstation T7610

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    Condition : Refurbished
    Our Warranty : 30 Days