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DELL 342-2056 600gb 15000rpm Sas-6gbits 3.5inch Hard Drive With Tray For DELL Servers.

Model Number : 342-2056
Capacity : 600 Gb
Rotatinal Speed : 15000 Rpm
Buffer : 16 Mb


External Transfer Rate : 6 Gbits/sec
Sustained Transfer Rate : Up To 171 Mb/sec
Average Latency : 2 Ms
Average Seek Time : 3.4/3.9 Ms


Poweredge R310
Poweredge T310
Poweredge R410
Poweredge R415
Poweredge T410
Poweredge R510
Poweredge R515
Poweredge T610
Poweredge R710
Poweredge T710
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Powervault Md3220
Powervault Md3200i
Powervault Md3220i
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Powervault Md3620i
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