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Dell AB257620 32GB 2RX4 PC4-25600 ECC New OEM

Dell AB257620 32GB 2RX4 PC4-25600 ECC New OEM

Part Number: AB257620
Capacity: 32GB

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| Product Overview

1. Technology:
Ddr4 Rdimm, Which Stands For Double Data Rate 4 Registered Dual In-line Memory Module, Is A Type Of
Memory Module Designed For Servers And High-performance Computing Environments. Ddr4 Is The Fourth
Generation Of Ddr Ram And Offers Improved Speed And Efficiency Compared To Its Predecessors.

2. Capacity:
DELL Ddr4 Rdimms Come In Various Capacities, Ranging From Smaller Modules Suitable For Entry-level
Servers To Larger Modules Designed For Enterprise-level Applications. Capacities Commonly Range
From 8gb To 128gb Per Module.

3. Speed:
Ddr4 Rdimms Are Available In Different Speeds, Often Denoted In Megahertz (mhz). Higher Mhz Values
Generally Indicate Faster Data Transfer Rates, Resulting In Better Overall System Performance.
Common Speeds Include 2133mhz, 2400mhz, 2666mhz, 2933mhz, And Higher.

4. Ecc (error-correcting Code):
Rdimms Typically Include Ecc Functionality, Which Helps Detect And Correct Errors In Data. This Is
Crucial In Server Environments Where Data Integrity Is Of Utmost Importance To Prevent Data
Corruption And System Instability.

5. Compatibility:
DELL Ddr4 Rdimms Are Designed And Tested For Compatibility With DELL Poweredge Servers And
Workstations. Its Essential To Check The Compatibility Of The Specific Model With Your System To
Ensure Optimal Performance.

6. Reliability And Performance:
Ddr4 Rdimms From DELL Are Engineered To Provide Reliable And High-performance Memory Solutions For
Enterprise Applications. They Are Designed To Meet Industry Standards For Stability And Longevity.

7. Dual Rank And Quad Rank:
Ddr4 Rdimms May Come In Dual Rank (2r) Or Quad Rank (4r) Configurations. The Rank Refers To The
Organization Of Memory Chips On The Module, Affecting Memory Access Speeds And System Performance.

8. Thermal Design:
Many DELL Ddr4 Rdimms Feature A Robust Thermal Design To Ensure Efficient Heat Dissipation,
Contributing To Overall System Reliability.

9. Power Efficiency:
Ddr4 Technology Generally Offers Improved Power Efficiency Compared To Previous Generations,
Contributing To Reduced Overall Power Consumption In Data Center Environments.

When Considering A Specific DELL Ddr4 Rdimm Model, Always Refer To The Product Specifications
Provided By DELL For The Most Accurate And Up-to-date Information. Check DELLS Official Website Or
Contact Their Support For The Latest Details On Ddr4 Rdimm Offerings.

General Information:
Manufacturer: DELL
Manufacturer Part Number: AB257620
Product Name: 32gb 2rx4 Ddr4 Rdimm 3200mhz 16gb Base Memory Module

Technical Information:
Storage Capacity: 32gb
Memory Technology: Ddr4 Sdram
Number Of Modules: 1x12gb
Bus Speed: 3200mhz / Pc4-25600
Data Integrity Check: Ecc
Signal Processing: Registered
Cas Latency Timings: Cl22
Rank Features: 2rx8

Physical Characteristics:
Form Factor: 288-pin Rdimm
Shipping Dimensions: 1.00 (height) X 6.75 (depth)
Shipping Weight: 0.20 Lb

This Product Is Compatible With The Following Systems:

- Poweredge C4140
- Poweredge C6420
- Poweredge C6520
- Poweredge C6525
- Poweredge Fc640
- Poweredge M640
- Poweredge Mx740c
- Poweredge Mx750c
- Poweredge Mx840c
- Poweredge R440
- Poweredge R450
- Poweredge R540
- Poweredge R550
- Poweredge R640
- Poweredge R650
- Poweredge R650xs
- Poweredge R6515
- Poweredge R6525
- Poweredge R740
- Poweredge R740xd
- Poweredge R740xd2
- Poweredge R750
- Poweredge R750xa
- Poweredge R750xs
- Poweredge R7515
- Poweredge R7525
- Poweredge R840
- Poweredge R940
- Poweredge R940xa
- Poweredge T440
- Poweredge T550
- Poweredge T640
- Poweredge Xr11
- Poweredge Xr12
- Poweredge Xr2

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Condition : Brand New
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