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Micron MTC20F1045S1RC48BA2R 32GB PC5-38400 Memory Module

Micron MTC20F1045S1RC48BA2R 32GB PC5-38400 Memory Module

Part Number: MTC20F1045S1RC48BA2R

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Capacity: 32GB

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MICRON Ddr5 Memory Represents A Cutting-edge Advancement In High-performance Computer Memory Technology. Designed And Manufactured By MICRON, A Leading Global Provider Of Memory Solutions, Ddr5 Brings Forth Significant Improvements Over Its Predecessors, Offering Enhanced Speed, Efficiency, And Capacity For A Diverse Range Of Computing Applications.

Key Features:

High Capacity: MICRON Ddr5 Memory Modules Are Available In High Capacities, Catering To The Increasing Demands Of Modern Computing Environments. With Options Such As 64gb Modules, Users Can Expect Ample Memory Space To Handle Resource-intensive Tasks.

Increased Data Transfer Rates: Ddr5 Technology Boasts Impressive Data Transfer Rates, With Speeds Reaching Up To 4800mt/s (mega-transfers Per Second). This Elevated Bandwidth Facilitates Faster Data Access, Improving Overall System Performance And Responsiveness.

Ecc (error-correcting Code) Support: MICRON Ddr5 Memory Modules Incorporate Ecc Functionality, Ensuring Data Integrity And Reliability By Identifying And Correcting Errors In Real-time. This Feature Is Particularly Crucial In Mission-critical Applications Where Data Accuracy Is Paramount.

Advanced Architecture: Ddr5 Introduces A More Advanced Architecture Compared To Its Predecessors, Featuring A 2rx4 Organization, Which Allows For Efficient Data Access And Processing. The Improved Organization Contributes To The Memorys Overall Speed And Responsiveness.

Low Voltage Operation: MICRON Ddr5 Operates At A Low Voltage Of 1.1v, Contributing To Energy Efficiency And Reduced Power Consumption. This Is A Key Consideration For Environmentally Conscious Computing And Can Lead To Lower Operating Costs.

288-pin Dimm Form Factor: MICRON Ddr5 Memory Modules Adhere To The 288-pin Dimm (dual In-line Memory Module) Form Factor, Ensuring Compatibility With A Wide Range Of Computing Systems And Platforms.

Next-generation Computing: As Ddr5 Becomes More Prevalent, It Is Expected To Play A Pivotal Role In Next-generation Computing Applications, Supporting Advancements In Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Gaming, And Other Memory-intensive Tasks.


MICRON Ddr5 Memory Is Well-suited For Various Computing Applications, Including But Not Limited To:

Server Environments: Ddr5s High Capacity And Data Transfer Rates Make It An Ideal Choice For Servers, Handling Demanding Workloads And Ensuring Optimal Performance In Data Centers.

Workstations: Professionals Working With Resource-intensive Applications Such As Video Editing, 3d Rendering, And Scientific Simulations Can Benefit From The Increased Speed And Capacity Of Ddr5 Memory.

Gaming Systems: Ddr5s Enhanced Performance Is Particularly Advantageous For Gaming Enthusiasts, Providing Faster Load Times, Smoother Gameplay, And Improved Overall Gaming Experiences.

Ai And Machine Learning: The High Bandwidth And Data Integrity Features Of Ddr5 Support The Demanding Requirements Of Ai And Machine Learning Applications, Accelerating Data Processing And Analysis.

In Conclusion, MICRON Ddr5 Memory Represents A Significant Leap Forward In Memory Technology, Offering Improved Performance, Reliability, And Efficiency For A Wide Range Of Computing Applications. As The Industry Continues To Embrace Ddr5, Users Can Expect Enhanced Capabilities And A Future-ready Memory Solution For Evolving Computing Needs.

General Information:
Manufacturer: MICRON
Manufacturer Part Number: MTC20F1045S1RC48BA2R
Product Name: 32gb 1rx4 Ddr5 Rdimm 4800mhz Memory Module

Technical Information:
Storage Capacity: 32gb
Memory Technology: Ddr5 Sdram
Number Of Modules: 1 X 32gb
Bus Speed: 4800mhz Ddr5-38400/pc5-4800
Data Integrity Check: Ecc
Signal Processing: Registered
Cas Latency Timings: Cl40
Rank Features: 1rx4

Physical Characteristics:
Form Factor: 288-pin Rdimm
Shipping Dimensions: 1.00 (height) X 6.75 (depth)
Shipping Weight: 0.20 Lb

Condition : Brand New
Availability : In Stock
Serversupply Warranty: 90 Days.

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Condition : Brand New
Availability : In Stock

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