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DELL 540-BDJN Intel Vran Accelerator Acc100 Pcie Adapter

Total Specifications:

Adapter Features:

Bus Type/bus Width: Pcie 3.0 X16

Accelerator: Intel Vran Dedicated Accelerator Acc100

Bracket : Low Profile And Full Height

Dimension: 6.67 In X 2.70 In (169 Mm X 69 Mm)

Fec Acceleration Features:

Ldpc Fec Processing For 3gpp 5g:

• Ldpc Encoder/decoder
• Code Block Crc Generation/checking
• Rate Matching/de-matching
• Harq Buffer Management

Turbo Fec Processing For 3gpp 4g:

• Turbo Encoder/decoder
• Code Block Crc Generation/checking
• Rate Matching/de-matching

Load Balancing Supported By The Hardware Queue Manager (qmgr): Arbitrates Uplink And Downlink Block Requests Based On Bandwidth Allocation
and Priority.


Smbus : Operates At Up To 1mbps

pldm Over Mctp Over Smbus: Supports Pldm 2.1

• Voltage Sensors - All Primary And Secondary Adapter Voltages

• Temperature Sensors - Adapter, Ddr, And Bracket Ambient

• Power Sensor - Overall Board Power

• Warning/fatal Thresholds - Can Be Programmed

Hardware-based Emergency Shutdown: Shuts Down Controller When Card Is Over Temperature Or Over Voltage.

Power Consumption:

power 53w

Thermals And Airflow:

55 °c - 550 Lfm

61 °c - 650 Lfm

Supported Operating Systems And Software:

• Interface Through The Dpdk Bbdev Library And Apis
• Support In Flexran Software Reference Architecture
• Linux Os Supported

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