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HPE J9151E Aruba 10G Sfp+ Lc Lr 10Km Smf Transceiver

Part Number: J9151E

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Capacity: 10 GIGABIT

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HPE J9151E Aruba 10g Sfp+ Lc Lr 10km Smf Transceiver

Key Features :

  • Device Type : Sfp+ Transceiver Module
  • Form Factor : Plug-in Module

    Networking :
  • Connectivity Technology : Wired
  • Cabling Type : 10gbase-lr
  • Data Link Protocol : 10 Gige
  • Data Transfer Rate : 10 Gbps
  • Max Transfer Distance : 6.2 Miles

    Expansion / Connectivity :
  • Interfaces : 1 X Ethernet 10gbase-lr - Lc Single-mode

    Compatibility Information :
  • Designed For: HPE Aruba 2540 24g 4sfp+, 2540 24g Poe+ 4sfp+, 2540 48g 4sfp+, 2540 48g Poe+ 4sfp+, 2930f 12g Poe+ 2g/2sfp+, 2930f 24g 4sfp, 2930f 24g 4sfp+, 2930f 24g Poe+ 4sfp, 2930f 24g Poe+ 4sfp+, 2930f 24g Poe+ 4sfp+ Taa, 2930f 48g 4sfp, 2930f 48g 4sfp+, 2930f 48g Poe+ 4sfp, 2930f 48g Poe+ 4sfp+, 2930f 48g Poe+ 4sfp+ Taa, 2930f 8g Poe+ 2sfp+, 2930f 8g Poe+ 2sfp+ Taa, 2930m 24 Smart Rate Poe+ 1-slot, 2930m 24g 1-slot, 2930m 24g Poe+ 1-slot, 2930m 40g 8 HPE Smart Rate Poe Class 6 1-slot Switch, 2930m 40g 8 HPE Smart Rate Poe+ 1-slot Switch, 2930m 48g 1-slot, 2930m 48g Poe+ 1-slot, 3810m 16sfp+ 2-slot Switch, 3810m 24g 1-slot Switch, 3810m 24g Poe+ 1-slot Switch, 3810m 24sfp+ 250w, 3810m 40g 8 HPE Smart Rate Poe+ 1-slot Switch, 3810m 48g 1-slot Switch, 3810m 48g Poe+ 1-slot Switch, 3810m 48g Poe+ 4sfp+ 1050w, 3810m 48g Poe+ 4sfp+ 680w, 5406r 16-port Sfp+ (no Psu) V3 Zl2, 5406r 44gt Poe+ / 4sfp+ (no Psu) V3 Zl2, 5406r 8-port 1/2.5/5/10gbase-t Poe+ / 8-port Sfp+ (no Psu) V3 Zl2, 5406r Zl2, 5406r-44g-poe+/2sfp+ V2 Zl2, 5406r-44g-poe+/4sfp V2 Zl2, 5406r-8xgt/8sfp+ V2 Zl2, 5412r 92gt Poe+ / 4sfp+ (no Psu) V3 Zl2, 5412r Zl2, 5412r-92g-poe+/2sfp+ (no Psu) V2 Zl2, 5412r-92g-poe+/2sfp+ V2 Zl2, 5412r-92g-poe+/4sfp V2 Zl2, 6200f 12g Class4 Poe 2g/2sfp+ 139w Switch, 6200f 12g Class4 Poe 2g/2sfp+ 139w Taa Switch, 6200m 24g Class4 Poe 4sfp+, 6300f, 6300m, 6405 48sfp+ 8sfp56, 6405 96g Cl4 Poe 4sfp56, 6405 Switch Bundle, 6410, 6410 Switch Bundle, 8320, 8325-32c, 8325-48y8c, 8400 8-slot Chassis ¦ HPE Aruba Cx 8360-12c V2, 8360-16y2c V2, 8360-48xt4c V2 ¦ HPE Aruba Instant On 1930 48g Class4 Poe 4sfp/sfp+ 370w Switch

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