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The 100gbase-sr10 Cfp Module Supports Link Lengths Of 100 Meters Respectively On Laser-optimized 03m And 0m4 Multifiber Cables. It Primarily Enables High-bandwidth 100-gigabit Links Over 24-fiber Ribbon Cables Terminated With Mpo/mtp-24 Connectors. It Can Also Be Used In A 10 X 10 Gigabit Ethernet Mode Along With Ribbon To Duplex Fiber Breakout Cable For Connectivity To Ten 10gbase-sr Optical Interfaces. Maximum Channel Insertion Loss Allowed Is Respectively 1.9 Db Over 100m Of Om3 Cable Or 1.5db Over 150m Of Om4 Cable.


- Cable Type : Multimode Fiber (mmf)
- Compatibility : CISCO Original
- Connector Type : Mtp/mpo-24
- Transceiver Type : Cfp
- Weight : 1.00 Lbs

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