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DELL 407-BBWO 25ge 850nm Short Wavelength Sfp+ Transceiver.

Key Features :

• Up To 25 Gb/s Bi-directional Data Links

• Hot-pluggable Sfp+ Footprint

• Built-in Digital Diagnostic Functions

• Built-in Cdr With Shut Off Control

• 850nm Oxide Vcsel Laser Transmitter

• Duplex Lc Connector

• Rohs Compliant

• 100m Over M5f Mmf (50/125mm Om4)

• 70m Over M5e Mmf (50/125mm Om3)

• Metal Enclosure, For Lower Emi

• Single 3.3v Power Supply

• Operating Temperature Range: 0°c To 70°c

Condition : Refurbished
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Our Warranty : 30 Days.

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