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Dell CRNPH 3.84TB SAS 12Gbps RI 2.5in SSD with kit

Dell CRNPH 3.84TB SAS 12Gbps RI 2.5in SSD with kit

Part Number: CRNPH
Capacity: 3.84TB

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Marketing Overview: DELL CRNPH 3.84tb Sas 12gbps Read Intensive Tlc 1dwpv 2.5in Hot-plug DELL Certified Solid State Drive With Tray For 14g Poweredge Servers

Introducing The DELL CRNPH Solid State Drive, A Performance-driven Storage Solution Meticulously Designed For The High Demands Of DELL 14th Generation Poweredge Servers. Elevate Your Data Infrastructure With Cutting-edge Features, Unparalleled Reliability, And Seamless Integration.

Key Features:
Impressive Capacity: With A Capacious 3.84tb Storage, The CRNPH Ssd Provides Ample Room For Critical Data, Addressing The Escalating Storage Needs Of Enterprises Dealing With Massive Datasets And Applications.
Sas 12gbps Interface: The Sas 12gbps Interface Ensures Lightning-fast Data Transfer Rates, Optimizing Workflows And Reducing Latency. This Feature Is Pivotal For Applications Where Speed And Responsiveness Are Paramount.
Read-intensive Design: Tailored For Read-intensive Workloads, The Ssd Strikes An Ideal Balance Between Read And Write Operations. It Excels In Scenarios Where Data Retrieval Speed Is Crucial, Such As Database Queries And Content Delivery Networks.
Tlc Technology: Leveraging Tlc Technology, The CRNPH Ensures High Density, Cost-effectiveness, And Impressive Performance. This Innovative Technology Enhances Endurance And Efficiency, Making It An Ideal Choice For Enterprise Environments.
Hot-plug Capability: The 2.5-inch Hot-plug Form Factor Facilitates Seamless Integration Into DELL 14th Generation Poweredge Servers. This Hot-plug Capability Ensures That The Ssd Can Be Added Or Removed Without Disrupting Operations, Minimizing Downtime And Ensuring Business Continuity.
DELL Certified Assurance: Backed By DELL Is Certification, The CRNPH Ssd Assures Compatibility, Reliability, And Optimal Performance Within The Poweredge Server Ecosystem. This Certification Underscores DELL Is Commitment To Delivering A Seamless And Dependable Storage Solution.
Included Tray: The Package Comes Complete With A Hot-plug Tray, Streamlining The Installation Process. This Attention To Detail Enhances User Convenience And Ensures A Hassle-free Integration Into The Server Infrastructure.

The DELL CRNPH 3.84tb Sas Ssd Is Not Just A Storage Solution, It Is A Strategic Asset Designed To Propel Your Enterprise Into The Future Of Data Management. With Its Robust Features, Compatibility Assurances, And Innovative Technologies, This Ssd Represents A Forward-looking Investment In The Efficiency And Reliability Of Your Data Infrastructure. Elevate Your Poweredge Servers With The CRNPH, Where Performance Meets Precision In The Heart Of Your Enterprise.

General Information:
Manufacturer: DELL
DELL Part Number: CRNPH

Technical Information
Type: Solid State Drive - Hot-plug
Capacity: 3.84tb
Nand Flash Memory Type: V-nand Tlc
Form Factor: 2.5inch
Interface Type: Sas 12gb/s
Data Transfer Rate: 1.2gbps
Features: Read-intensive Endurance

Drive Transfer Rate: 1.2 Gbps (external)

Expansion & Connectivity
Interfaces: 1 X Sas 12 Gb/s
Compatible Bays: 1 X Hot-plug - 2.5inch

- Poweredge C6420
- Poweredge C6520
- Poweredge C6525
- Poweredge C6600
- Poweredge C6615
- Poweredge C6620
- Poweredge Hs5610
- Poweredge Hs5620
- Poweredge R350
- Poweredge R450
- Poweredge R540
- Poweredge R550
- Poweredge R640
- Poweredge R650
- Poweredge R650xs
- Poweredge R6515
- Poweredge R6525
- Poweredge R660
- Poweredge R660xs
- Poweredge R6615
- Poweredge R6625
- Poweredge R740
- Poweredge R740xd
- Poweredge R750
- Poweredge R750xa
- Poweredge R750xs
- Poweredge R7515
- Poweredge R7525
- Poweredge R760
- Poweredge R760xa
- Poweredge R760xs
- Poweredge R7615
- Poweredge R7625
- Poweredge R840
- Poweredge R860
- Poweredge R940
- Poweredge R940xa
- Poweredge R960
- Poweredge T550
- Poweredge T560
- Poweredge Xr7620
- Powervault Md2424

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Condition: Brand New.
Our Warranty: 1 Year.

Nb: The Above List Is Not All-inclusive And Additional Poweredge And Powervault Arrays May Apply. Tray Sticker May Not Be Included.

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Condition : Brand New
Availability : In Stock

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