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Dell 400-AWHE 3.84Tb SATA-6Gbps 2.5Inch Read Intensive 1DWPD Hot Plug SSD with Kit

Part Number: 400-AWHE

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Capacity: 3.84TB

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DELL 3.84tb Sata-6gbps Read Intensive 1 Dwpd Tlc 2.5 Inch Hot-plug DELL Certified Solid State Drive Ssd With 3.5 Inch Hybrid Carrier For DELL 14g/15g/16g Poweredge Server.

General Information:
Manufacturer : DELL
Mfg Part Number : 5dwtf
DELL Part Number : 400-AWHE
Product Line : Solid State Drive

Technical Information:
Product Type: Solid State Drive
Capacity: 3.84tb
Nand Flash Memory Type: Triple Level Cell (tlc)
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
Interface Type: Sata-6gb/s
Dwpd: 1 Dwpd
Endurance Type: Read Intensive Endurance

Drive Transfer Rate: 600 Mb/s (external)
Internal Data Rate: 550 Mb/s (read) / 520 Mb/s (write)

This Product Is Compatible With The Following Systems:

poweredge R210
poweredge R410
poweredge R510
poweredge R620
poweredge R720
poweredge R810
poweredge R920
poweredge M605
poweredge M710
poweredge M905
poweredge T105
poweredge T310
poweredge T610
poweredge T720
powervault Nx3000
poweredge R220
poweredge R415
poweredge R515
poweredge R630
poweredge R720xd
poweredge R815
poweredge M420
poweredge M610
poweredge M710hd
poweredge M910
poweredge T110
poweredge T320
poweredge T620
powervault Md1200
powervault Nx3100
poweredge R310
poweredge R420
poweredge R520
poweredge R710
poweredge R730
poweredge R820
poweredge M520
poweredge M610x
poweredge M805
poweredge M915
poweredge T110 Ii
poweredge T410
poweredge T630
powervault Md3200
poweredge R320
poweredge R420xr
poweredge R610
poweredge R715
poweredge R730xd
poweredge R910
poweredge M600
poweredge M620
poweredge M820
poweredge T100
poweredge T300
poweredge T420
poweredge T710
powervault Md3200i

Availability: In Stock
Condition: Brand New
Our Warranty: 30 Days

Nb: The Above List Is Not All-inclusive And Additional Poweredge And Powervault Arrays May Apply. Tray Sticker May Not Be Included.

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Item Overview
Condition : Brand New
Availability : In Stock

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