Detail overview

General Information:

  • Manufacturer: DELL
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SNPHNDJ7DG/16G
  • Product Name: 16gb Ddr4 Sdram Memory Module

    Technical Information:
  • Storage Capacity: 16gb
  • Memory Technology: Ddr4 Sdram
  • Number Of Modules: 1 X 16gb
  • Bus Speed: 2400mhz Ddr4-2400/pc4-19200
  • Data Integrity Check: Ecc
  • Signal Processing: Registered
  • Cas Latency Timings: Cl17
  • Rank Features: 2rx8
  • Voltage: 1.2v

    Physical Characteristics:
  • Form Factor: 288-pin Rdimm
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1.00 (height) X 6.75 (depth)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.20 Lb


    This Product Is Compatible With The Following Systems:

    Poweredge C4130
    Poweredge C6320
    Poweredge Fc430
    Poweredge Fc630
    Poweredge Fc830
    Poweredge M630
    Poweredge M830
    Poweredge R430
    Poweredge R530
    Poweredge R630
    Poweredge R730
    Poweredge R730xd
    Poweredge R830
    Poweredge R930
    Poweredge T430
    Poweredge T630
    Precision Workstations R7910
    Precision Workstations T5810
    Precision Workstations T7810
    Precision Workstations T7910

  • Condition: Brand New.
  • Availability: In Stock.
  • Usually Ships: Same Day.
  • Serversupply Warranty: 30 Days.